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October 2019

The Parish Council has now handed over the development of the community Shop to a Steering Group of residents and people who have the necessary experience to see this project through to fruition. The Steering Group have now set up their own website which will be regularly updated with all the latest information. Here is a link to the website  


June 2020

The Parish Council has received many complaints about the increase in dog mess not being picked up. This is not only anti social but is also a health risk. The Council is also aware of the trend for dog walkers to bag up the mess, but rather than taking it home or placing in a dog bin, hanging it in trees or shrubs. Again this is unacceptable and unsightly. Offenders can currently be fined up to £1000 if they are observed by a CBC Zone Warden of not picking up their dog's mess. The Council urges all dog owners to be responsible and pick up after their dog and place the bag in one of the many bins provide around the villages, or take it home for disposal. If residents become aware of dog owners not picking up after their dog  then please contact the CBC Zone Warden on 01206 282581  


July 2020

Freeview Television interference

Some residents in Abberton and Langenhoe have experienced a marked deterioration of their Freeview TV reception recently. Enquiries have revealed that the local transmitter (Sudbury) is working normally. However, it is well known that 4G signals sometimes can cause interference on Freeview. It is possible that the signal on our local 4G mast has been increased, which is why the interference has not occurred before.

A free service can enable residents to sort this out themselves. telephone 08081313800 where they take details and post you a free filter which you can fit between your aerial  and TV or if you have a booster box, between the aerial and the booster. They will need to know if your booster box has screw or push in connections. This only takes a couple of minutes to fit and should solve the problem.

August 2020

Essex County Council have activities available throughout the county for families this summer. Find out whats available HERE